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Welcome to Delaware Pet Rescue! Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in adopting!  

Delaware Pet Rescue was established in 2004 as “Delaware Puppy Rescue” with the primary focus of rescuing pregnant dogs, mothers with new litters, and homeless puppies from shelters.  In 2006, we expanded to the rescue of puppy mill survivors. Our belief is that a dog who has proper training, along with an adoptive families' education of proper care, creates the foundation for a permanent home.  2012 brought the expansion into cat and kitten rescue, and the subsequent renaming of our organization to "Delaware Pet Rescue", to better reflect the variety of lives we save!

Highlighted Animals
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  Brownie - loves kids!
Brownie is as sweet as his name-sake! He is a super calm, super affectionate chunky guy who loves to snuggle up on your lap. He loves the children at his foster home and will fall asleep in their lap. He purrs when you pet him and will run up to greet you when you come near his pen. His favorite foods are lettuce and peppers. Brownie has an more about Brownie - loves kids!
Meet Star! He is an adorable and sweet guinea pig who is looking for a new home. He was very loved and well cared for with everything a guinea pig could want, but was surrendered to DPR due to their child being severely allergic (along with guinea pigs Jack and Rainbow). Star loves his tunnels and hidey houses and enjoys romping around. He enjoys more about Star
  Jack and Rainbow
Meet Jack and Rainbow! They are adorable and sweet guinea pigs who are looking for a new home. They were very loved and well cared for with everything a guinea pig could want, but were surrendered to DPR (along with guinea pig Star), due to their child being severely allergic. They love their tunnels and hidey houses and enjoy romping around more about Jack and Rainbow
  Uncle Stripe - adoption pending
Meet Uncle Stripe! He is a beautiful Seal Point Siamese with striking blue eyes who was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. He is one of the most outgoing and fearless cats we have ever met! He instantly is best friends with everyone he meets - dogs, cats, people. He has no fear of the 3 big dogs in his foster home and right away ran right more about Uncle Stripe - adoption pending
  Aunt Trixie
Meet Aunt Trixie! This gorgeous fluffy girl has a long luxurious coat and an awesome personality to go along with her good looks. She is about a year old and is very friendly and affectionate. She follows her foster mom around and climbs up on her lap for love and attention. She likes to "help" do everything! She loves to be pet and she more about Aunt Trixie

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