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Welcome to Delaware Pet Rescue! Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in adopting!  

Delaware Pet Rescue was established in 2004 as “Delaware Puppy Rescue” with the primary focus of rescuing pregnant dogs, mothers with new litters, homeless puppies from shelters, and puppy mill survivors. 2012 brought the expansion into cat and kitten rescue, and the subsequent renaming of our organization to "Delaware Pet Rescue", to better reflect the variety of lives we save! In 2020, we started to include small animals in our program as well - mostly guinea pigs, but also some rabbits and hamsters sprinkled in too! 

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  Reba - adoption pending
Reba lost her mom this week whom she loved dearly. Reba was originally adopted out as a tiny kitten to a kind woman in 2021. We received a call from the police department on Friday saying that sadly this woman had passed away and they brought Reba back to us. Reba had been without food for 4 days. We can't imagine how sad and scared she must have more about Reba - adoption pending
  Smoky Mountain
Rainier, Smoky Mountain, Grand Teton and Everglade are 4 super sweet kittens who are about 3 months old and were rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. They are such a friendly and affectionate bunch!! They love to be held and petted and will cuddle up on your lap for as long as you'll let them. They are a perfect mix of playful and cuddly - more about Smoky Mountain
  Yellowstone - adoption pending
Meet Yellowstone! Yellowstone is an extra special girl because only 20% of orange cats are female! She is about 11 months old and gets along great with all the other cats. She has beautiful long fluffy hair and a sweet personality to go along with her good looks. She is a bit shy until she gets to know you, so she will need an understanding more about Yellowstone - adoption pending
  Lassen - adoption pending
Meet Lassen! She is the Kissing Kitty! She will give you kisses for as long as you let her. She is incredibly affectionate and loving. She loves being pet and cuddled and is happy to sit on your lap. She gets along really great with all the other cats and kittens she is being fostered with. She was living outside and was brought in for "TNR" (Trap/ more about Lassen - adoption pending
Meet Biscayne! He is an Abyssinian guinea pig with really fun cowlicks called "rosettes". He's super soft! He's a young piggie, only about 6 months old. He came to DPR due to overcrowding at the shelter. He loves his daily salads of fruits and veggies and makes the cutest squeaking noises. He'll make a great addition to your home!  Guinea more about Biscayne

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