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Welcome to Delaware Pet Rescue! Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in adopting!  

Delaware Pet Rescue was established in 2004 as “Delaware Puppy Rescue” with the primary focus of rescuing pregnant dogs, mothers with new litters, homeless puppies from shelters, and puppy mill survivors. 2012 brought the expansion into cat and kitten rescue, and the subsequent renaming of our organization to "Delaware Pet Rescue", to better reflect the variety of lives we save! In 2020, we started to include small animals in our program as well - mostly guinea pigs, but also some rabbits and hamsters sprinkled in too! 

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Meet Dustin! This sleek and adorable kitten who looks like a mini-panther was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. He is a sweet guy who starts purring the second you start petting him. He gets along great with other kittens and enjoys playing with his toys and snuggling with the other cats/kittens he's being fostered with. He follows his more about Dustin
Meet Ross! Ross was very nearly dumped in the forest by his previous owner, but thankfully someone intervened and took him and contacted DPR to see if we could find him a new home. Ross is the absolute sweetest guinea pig! He is very friendly and enjoys being pet and held. He is good with children, is gentle and never bites. When he's not cuddling, more about Ross
Meet Gale! He is a super cute 2.5 month old Russian Blue mix kitten who was rescued from a shelter in NC. He is such a happy kitten who loves to run around and play with his toys and wrestle with his foster siblings. When he's not playing, you can find him curled up on somebody's lap - he's quite the snuggle bug! A great mix of playful, cuddly and more about Gale
Meet Angelica! This sweetheart of a mama is pure love! She is so cool, calm and collected, even with a dozen little kittens all running around her! She is happy and content to lay in the center of the room and watch all the babies. 4 of the kittens are her own (Didi, Lulu, Drew and Lou), but she's a surrogate mom to all the others. She gives them more about Angelica
  Meet Max! Max is a gorgeous little kitten with a great personality to go along with his good looks. And check out those great ear tufts! He is a definite lap cat and top-notch snuggle bug. He gets along great with all the other cats, old and young. He’s a friend to everyone! Max will make a wonderful addition to any home! This cat more about Max

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