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Highlighted Animals:
Clover Clover
Meet Clover! Poor Clover is the last of his litter and he isn't quite sure why! He is a very sweet boy and will curl up in your lap and give you sooooo many kisses. He also loves to play and will be sent home with his favorite toys. He is very cat and dog friendly and would love fur siblings. He sleeps all night and even learning how to sit for a more about Clover
Poppy & Lilac Poppy & Lilac
Meet Poppy and Lilac! These two sweet guinea pigs were surrendered to DPR when their owner could no longer care for them. Poppy is a large, neutered male piggie and Lilac is a petite little girl, but these two are fully bonded and love each other so much. If they are separated, she will stop eating or drinking - so this husband/wife must be more about Poppy & Lilac
Samoa Samoa
Meet Samoa! She is all ready for summer in her sunglasses and hat! (check out her cute videos below) She is so agreeable about letting us dress her up for photo shoots. As long as she has some yummy lettuce, she's happy as a clam! She is an adorable and friendly guinea pig who is excited to find a home of her very own! She will happily sit on your more about Samoa
Pierogi Pierogi
Meet Pierogi! This beardie was surrendered when she developed a pretty severe upper respiratory infection and her owner could no longer care for her. She has since been treated at the vet and is in great health! She is about 6 months old and is an amazing eater! She's on a diet of Dubia roaches, meal worms, and daily salads. She allows all more about Pierogi
Do-Si-Do Do-Si-Do
Meet Do-Si-Do! How cute are his cowlicks?! He has the funniest hair that sticks out in every direction. He's super super friendly and will run to greet you at the front of his cage. He loves being pet, especially on the top of his nose and head. He is a very happy piggy and loves everyone he meets! He's great with kids too. He came to DPR from a more about Do-Si-Do